Aun aprendo

on living a life of excellence

Push-ups Galore!

I love doing push-ups. It was years ago that I discovered the 100 push-ups program in the web which seriously got me hooked. It came to mind that I can start doing basic strength training on my own by doing this simple exercise.

Less Is More

Aside from this personal blog, I have two other blogs which I obviously haven’t maintained and updated. I created them so that I can write about my other two healthy distractions: traveling and book reading.

I now realized that it’s a burden to divide my time in thinking and writing posts for those blogs versus the time I’ll spend in honing my computer programming skills. My brain can’t handle it and something has to give. So I’ll be consolidating my planned travel and books posts in this blog from now on. Doing this makes maintenance and updates easy for me.

Coming Back Again!

It’s good to know that I still have plans to maintain and to continue posting in this blog of mine. I’ve been dormant in posting here for the last six months that I seemed to have lost the motivation to think and write in this blog of mine.

Pursuing the last remaining subjects in my master’s degree and then having the chance to teach part-time in my college alma matter have taken the bulk of my time and focus in the past six months. Add that with my usual distractions and procrastination, I ended up not updating this blog.

Finding App Alternatives Using alternativeTo

One useful site I’ve been using the past years is alternativeTo. It’s a site that gives you alternatives to many of the well known free and commercial apps/software in the market. For example, if you like the popular photo editing Adobe Photoshop software but find it too expensive to invest in, alternativeTo will help you by giving you a list of apps that work similarly like Photoshop. These alternatives are either free, shareware, or commercial app/software and can either run in multiple or specific platforms and operating systems.

Dashing Through the Docs

One of the apps I’ve discovered recently while browsing the web was Dash — an OS X app that is both an API documentation browser and a code snippet manager. It lets you download the API documentation of popular programming and non-programming open source tools (your choice of languages, frameworks, databases,CMS, etc.) in your computer.